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Legal Videography With Lex Court Reporting

Lex Court Reporting's legal videography staff specialize in legal video deposition services and are committed to excellence. Utilizing the latest state-of-the-art equipment and microphones, images and sound are the sharpest and clearest possible.

  • With a Lex videographer, and a Lex court reporter, both of whom are accustomed to working hand-in-hand, your video deposition becomes a valuable litigation tool, especially with the assistance of a Lex case manager who is assigned to every matter.
  • Our on-staff legal video team professionally produces videos for Depositions, Days in the Life, Courtroom Presentations, Expert Witness Testimony, Trial Preparation, and so much more. You need an expert to preserve your visual testimony, capture a flawless record and provide precise video to transcript synchronization: that expert is Lex.
  • Our team is specifically trained and certified. They have a deep understanding of complex legal issues and the strict requirements of video documentation. Their cameras capture every subtle reaction, every hesitation. At your request, your legal videographer will expertly create segments of selected portions of the video for use at settlement conferences and other pertinent proceedings.

With the Lex court reporting and legal videography “hands-on” approach, you can expect an effortless experience and total peace of mind.

You can depend upon LEX:

"When hiring Lex, you work with a Certified WBE business committed to equal opportunity for all.”


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